Reset. Rinse. Repeat.

When I was studying voice in undergrad I would practice and practice until I couldn't practice anymore. It often felt like I was working so hard to improve that I should be miles more accomplished at the art song or technical passage from my voice lessons. Week after week I could work on the same high notes or loosening of my tense jaw or tongue to (what felt like) no avail.

Then I would go home for winter break and find myself barely practicing. Life shows up all the time for us and you know how easily distracted a millennial undergrad student can be. I would dread returning to my music because I knew without practicing I would be even worse than where I left off.

What I found, though, is that with days (let's be honest...WEEKS) between practicing that suddenly a concept I was struggling with before became much easier for me. I learned this lesson early on in my career that sometimes the answer isn't to keep pushing through, but rather to take time to reset.

In our financial goals we often feel the urgency to always plan, plan, plan. But do you ever take time away to reset? The next time you're feeling your progress is stuck, try stepping away and asking yourself these three questions:

  • How have my goals?

  • How has my life changed?

  • How have I changed as a person?

Goals are living, breathing entities in our lives. They are fed by our energy and starved by our distraction. They also evolve with us through our lives and a simple reset can serve as a reminder of what's truly important to us.

Take a day and unwind.

Let's build wealth together.

Art on a Budget